What should you look for in your workflow tool? #3

Welcome to the third in a series of checklists that will help you evaluate workflow tool vendors. This week we focus on collaboration and integration.


The cloud has brought tonnes of innovation to the way we work. Your solution should offer modern real-time collaboration features that truly facilitate cooperative open working practices.

Here are 6 attributes to ask your application development vendor to provide:

  • Integration with enterprise social networks i.e. chatter, jive, yammer etc.
  • Real time co-editing
  • Real time co-browsing
  • Real time co-navigation
  • Real time messaging
  • Cross channel collaboration with internal and external customers, partners and staff


The solution should allow integration with other backend systems, databases, custom solutions etc. There must be as least:

  • The ability to CRUD over many databases
  • The ability to integrate with 3rd party services
  • File management and file upload/download
  • Open language agnostic SDK

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