Here are some of the feature highlights of our platform.

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  • Flow Diagramming

    Highly-productive flow diagramming methodology that’s loosely based on BPM concepts.

  • Collaborative Editing

    Work collaboratively with others to create and build new applications. Our platform provides real-time co-editing of your workflows.

  • Dynamic Forms

    Create complex forms using conditional logic, rules and actions to do everything from hiding and displaying fields to auto-assigning data.

  • Responsive Forms

    Your forms will work on any device or screen. No more creating forms for each device.

  • Sharing

    Your workflow applications automatically support real-time co-editing and co-navigation so users can work together and be super productive as a team.

  • Multi User

    Create true multi-user workflow by passing work from one individual or team to another. Build simple approval processes or complex cross-organizational work streams.

  • Social Collaboration

    Work within your existing social networks. Post comments, share files, like and even follow a running workflow (including Salesforce.com Chatter, Yammer & Slack)

  • Location

    Track the location of your workflow users so you can give them the best possible experience. Deliver the data they need and even set permissions based on geo-fencing.

  • Report Using Excel

    We keep track of everything for you. Measure your workflows and watch how they are performing. Data is easily accessed using tools like Microsoft Excel, Crystal Reports, etc.

  • UI Mash Up

    Give your users the data they need from any number of backend applications such as Salesforce, SAP, and Box. Bring it all together into a single workflow application.

  • UI Front End

    Use our open UI API and SDK to take absolute control and provide exactly the experience you’re looking to give your users. Your developers will love it.

  • Open Data

    We store all the workflow run-time data where you want it, giving you complete control over your information and reporting. Our storage uses industry standard OData APIs.

  • Business Objects

    Create re-usable business objects that can be shared across your organization. Promote standardization and re-use of existing assets, creating a consistent user experience.

  • Data Bindings

    Integrates with and works across external systems easily. Automate your workflows using business objects; load, save and delete data.

  • Realtime Debugging

    Includes a comprehensive real-time debugging framework that allows you to iterate and improve your workflows in an agile manner.

  • Synch & Asynch Executions

    Need a combination of asynchronous and synchronous execution? Our platform supports both, allowing you to automate a broad range of workflows.

  • Connectors

    Includes a comprehensive integration framework to connect your workflows to other applications – or build your own!

  • Full API Access

    APIs are not just for developers. They ensure your project success. Our entire platform is API based, giving you enormous control to create something that meets your exact needs.

  • Internationalization Support

    We make sure your workflow applications can be easily translated to any language. We separate the structure from the content so you can build the workflow once but make it available globally.

  • White Label

    Our platform has been architected to be embedded with other software products. Give your customers the ability to customize and build workflows on top of your existing applications.

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