See some demos of how ManyWho can be used with systems like Salesforce, Box, and/or Twilio to drive the next generation of BPM and workflow applications:


BPM and Dynamic Case Management in Salesforce Service Cloud

See how ManyWho can be used to drive business processes and dynamic case management inside the Salesforce Service Cloud.


Push CRM Using ManyWho & Salesforce

A demo of how Alpha FMC has leveraged ManyWho to deliver a new kind of CRM to the Asset Management industry.


Simple Call Guides with ManyWho

A demo showing how you can create simple, yet powerful, call guides using the ManyWho platform.


Enterprise Content Workflow Using ManyWho & Box

This demo shows how ManyWho can be used to drive enterprise content workflows with Box. One part is a mobile app to capture data and contract information. The second part shows how ManyWho can listen to events in Box to drive the contract through to completion.


Build A Speech Transcription App In Minutes with ManyWho & Twilio

This demo shows how you can build a voice-to-text and text-to-voice app using ManyWho and Twilio.


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