Introducing the Management Team

Co-founding duo, Steve & Dave’s last venture, ‘Informavores’ was created to help make managing customer service processes easy by using APIs, Cloud and Social, across multiple devices. It boasted many blue-chip customers.

At the end of 2009 Steve & Dave successfully exited Informavores to and joined as Vice President of Product Management and Vice President of Platform Business Development respectively.

After three and a half years working the corporate circuit, Steve and Dave felt it was time to build something again; ManyWho was born.

Steve Wood

Steve Wood, CEO

Steve started out his career as a Chemist. Enough about that.

He quickly saw the light and moved into IT Development. Now in his 18th year of his development career, Steve has worked for several start-ups, some of which were his own.

Working out of CERN in Switzerland, Steve’s passion for tech start-ups began. As product manager for Transacsys Steve built and led a team of developers. Sadly the organization lost its funding, but Steve’s passion had been ignited.

Steve is responsible for technical development, research and all product related support and consultancy at ManyWho.

Steve is the proud father of three daughters and when he is not busy running a business and entertaining the kids he likes to play guitar, snowboard and sail.

Steve is also the co-author of two books:
Unleash the Power of How to Thrive in the New Digital Economy, and,
The Executives Guide to Shadow IT and Citizen Developers in the Age of Cloud Computing

Dave Norris

Dave Norris, President

After starting his career in technical roles, Dave has spent the last 20 years working in a series of fast growing software companies. Dave has significant experience of building strong sales pipelines, forging corporate partnerships, business cost rationalization, trade sale, flotation and financing.

Dave is responsible for sales and professional services at ManyWho.

When not working to grow ManyWho, Dave can often be found on a tennis court where he still dreams of mastering the perfect backhand top spin.

Though he doesn’t like to shout about it, Dave’s academic achievements include both a B.Sc. and Ph.D. in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Bristol.