Pega Can’t: Next generation BPM on Salesforce

Watch how you can leverage ManyWho & Salesforce to drive Dynamic Case Management and Business Process Management. It’s time to stop coding on Pega and start succeeding with ManyWho. Deliver workflow applications your users will love, at a fraction of the cost.

I ♥ Lego

Lately, I’ve found myself discussing the value and benefits of Low Code Platforms. What’s a Low Code Platform? It’s technology that lets people build software applications without writing a lot, if any, code. Why would you want one of these? It allows anyone inside your company to build software applications to automate and improve your business….

Announcing BPM for Salesforce!

Today ManyWho is announcing the full release of our Salesforce BPM product. We have been working tirelessly to deliver world-class BPM capabilities to Salesforce customers. Mobile Build mobile workflows, fully integrated inside or outside the Salesforce1 mobile app. Public, partner and employee facing workflow applications are all supported. And the best bit about mobile? Using…

Silicon Valley gives no !$#ks

It’s time we put the infatuation with Unicorns to bed – why? It’s creating bad companies that are going to fail. It’s creating a focus that’s bad for our industry – and bad for our economy. Sure – there are a few Unicorns that have transformed the industry: Facebook being the most notable. But these companies…

Keep it small stupid

A big part of my role at ManyWho is product management. Having worked for and run various startups, and having been a product management executive at Salesforce, I’ve learned a lot about managing change. And one thing has become very clear (particularly in cloud computing): Make small changes often, rather than big changes infrequently. Here are…

API First: A Business Priority

When people talk about APIs, it’s often with respect to developers. Most people on the business side probably don’t know what an API is – but they really do need to – so here’s a quick (and loose) definition: An API allows developers to: Extend the software you have, so it does everything you need Make different…

Overcome governor limits in your workflow apps

Those of you that are making the most of your Salesforce instance are likely to have tested the limits. These limits are put in place by Salesforce, who are trying to make sure that ‘fair is fair’ on the playing field.

What should you look for in your workflow tool? #5

Welcome to week five in the series of simple checklists to help you understand what you should be looking for when evaluating workflow tool vendors. This week we focus on where you might wish to publish your applications.

Design like Apple

I think Apple has done a lot more for design in computing than people think. I know, that’s a crazy statement isn’t it? There’s an on-going fascination with their hardware design and obsessive attention to detail, but Apple has done more for the industry than design beautiful hardware and amazingly intuitive software. Apple has focused maniacally on the users. And that attention to detail has made a big impact on how they approach complexity.