About Us

Our Vision

We founded ManyWho with a simple vision: make it super easy for business users and developers to quickly build business applications. We are creating a single, unified, cloud platform that allows you to “drag-and-drop” your business processes and turn them into rich software applications that connect your employees, and customers, and also your core systems. There is no doubt that we are in a hardware, software and “touch” revolution and our goal is to ensure your business applications keep up with the ever-changing ecosystem of devices, operating systems and development languages.

Our Company

ManyWho is built on experiences gleaned from many years of business process automation and application development knowledge – particularly in the cloud. Our previous venture, Informavores, drew a customer base including Microsoft, HP, Symantec, Cox Communications, British Telecom, Norwich Union (Aviva), PwC, Deloitte, and Wipro before being acquired by Salesforce.com. Our technology now drives the workflow aspects of their force.com platform.

It is drawing upon these experiences that we bring you ManyWho. We are obsessively committed to customer success, maniacally focused on building transformational software, unstoppably dedicated to our work, and a pretty fun bunch to be around to boot. What can we say, we’re passionate geeks!

ManyWho is made in California.

Investors include:

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