ManyWho Platform Service Level Agreement “SLA”

ManyWho Platform SLA

The ManyWho platform has been designed from the ground up with enterprise class high availability “HA” in mind. Due to the nature of HA and the continual improvements made to the ManyWho platform, we are able to offer all customers a 99.9% uptime SLA as standard.

Looking for five nines or above SLA? Contact our sales team for more information.

How we handle scheduled maintenance

ManyWho will use its commercially reasonable efforts to provide optimum platform access and experience 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We release improvements and new features to the ManyWho platform frequently. Due to the clever way we’ve designed the ManyWho platform, we are able to seamlessly upgrade your experience without the need for downtime.

However, in the rare event that we need to suspend platform access to perform scheduled maintenance, we will provide you a minimum of 8 hrs notice. We will only suspend platform access if absolutely necessary and trust that we will keep the downtime to a minimum, normally seconds or a few minutes.

How we depreciate end-of-life “EOL” software or features

At ManyWho, we move forward and innovate very quickly. We’re constantly creating improvements and introducing new features.

Thanks to the unique way we’ve designed Manywho, nearly all upgrades happen seamlessly.
That said, sometimes we need to stop supporting old legacy features and focus on improving the current version.

Whilst we always aim to provide backward support, we sometimes need you to make a small change to keep things working as they should.

If we need you to make any changes to your configuration, we’ll let you know in our newsletter.

We will provide you at least 28 days notice, prior to depreciating a component that could affect your flow.

How will I be notified of changes and scheduled maintenance?

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