Delivering Workflow Apps on Salesforce

ManyWho makes even better

It’ll come as no surprise to any organization that “apps” are everywhere. It seems as though software is taking over everything we do. The birth of cloud computing has made it much easier for companies of all sizes to get the technology they need.

We can thank for blazing the trail and opening up an industry. But it’s not just anymore. Many of the business processes common to all companies are now served online: Expenses (Concur), Accounting (Quickbooks Online), HR (Workday), Payroll (ADP), etc. There have never been so many options available!

Additionally there is the stuff that makes your company unique. What about the business processes that differentiate you from your competitors? But also the business processes that just make your organization your organization?

Salesforce is fantastic for many things, we use it ourselves to run our own company, but building sophisticated workflow apps can result in writing and maintaining a lot of expensive code.

ManyWho solves that problem. We make it easy to build the kinds of, cross system, mobile, workflow apps in that your people need to perform their jobs. Better still all this can be done with point and click tooling.

We’ve been at this for a long time, so we know what it takes to deliver robust, supported, cross-channel applications on Our team worked with CERN (birthplace of the web) to deliver the workflows needed to build a particle accelerator. We sold our last workflow company to — now Visual Workflow. We presided over all of the point and click tooling as part of the platform. has chosen to invest in our company and we have very senior executive level sponsorship.

It’s from these experiences we bring you ManyWho. We’ve baked all of that knowledge into the platform to make sure your workflow apps are, quite frankly, #awesome!

Enter the ManyWho platform.

ManyWho allows you to quickly and easily automate business processes and workflow using drag-and-drop tools. This is pretty cool in itself. What makes ManyWho unique is that the workflow applications you build are:

  1. Automatically mobile, tablet and desktop ready.
  2. Connected to your existing databases — such as Salesforce, Concur, Workday — so your data is always safe and sound exactly where it should be.
  3. Social, real-time and open — so your users will love you and so will your IT department.

And just like everything in cloud computing, your workflow applications will scale from a single user to large-scale workloads without changing a thing. We’ve made sure your apps are built the right way so you can focus your attention on the business problems, not technical architectures.

Why is this important to your organization?

Your IT team is struggling

If you’re like most other organizations, your IT team is either way too busy to help deliver custom business applications or you don’t have an IT team at all. The fact is, internal IT teams are not typically funded to take on software development projects — they’re too busy keeping the lights on. As much as IT would like to help the business deliver the automated workflows they’re crying out for, they simply haven’t got the time or resources to make it happen. What’s great about the ManyWho platform, is that by using a cloud provider for your workflow applications, you take the load off of IT. But critically, you don’t take the data with it— so IT can feel safe in the knowledge that your software projects are not creating even more headaches. In addition, your IT team will love our platform architecture — we make sure you’re leveraging the absolute best of breed technology to deliver your workflow apps — it’s built right into the platform.

So, give your IT guys a break — use ManyWho.

Get ready for the device revolution

Your customers aren’t just using desktop PCs any more — and neither are your employees. When you think about your workflow applications, you need to think a lot more deeply about where and when people will have access to them. Troubleshooting technical issues, approving a deal discount, submitting a service request, doing a staff review or collecting survey data — these business processes can happen anywhere. However, building a software application that works across all devices is super expensive and complicated. And when we say super expensive, we mean it. Costs can run from the hundreds of thousands to the millions of dollars — per app! It’s also pretty unlikely you have the skillset in-house.

So, focus on your business and let ManyWho worry about your workflow apps.

Salesforce has become the system of record isn’t the small company it once was. By delivering amazing CRM in the cloud, it has grown to become the defacto standard for customer data. Organizations of all sizes now store critical and confidential business data inside In addition, is often heavily integrated with critical business processes and applications in your organization. The result is that has become quite complex to manage, and any changes need to go through quite a bit of IT rigor before being applied. This is not a good place to put your agile business apps.

With ManyWho, we work directly with all of the APIs and technology to give a feel of having “salesforce inside” our platform. We like to think our tooling is more native than Salesforce’s own tooling. Critically, however, our platform gives IT control over the data that is exposed to support your workflow applications, while giving the business the agility they need to support their initiatives. And, of course, we keep that data where it should be — in your tenant. So unlike Excel, Access, Lotus Notes, SharePoint or any other of the myriad of tools often leveraged by the business to support their workflow applications, ManyWho does not fragment your existing systems and leave data all over the place!

So, be good to your data, but give it even more value by exposing it through apps built on the ManyWho platform.

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