Pega Can’t: Social, Mobile, Real-time, Open, Cloud

That’s a lot of buzzwords in one title, but then it’s a whole lot less than our customers heard from Pegasystems: Directly Captured Objectives (DCO) Dynamic Case Management (DCM) Adaptive Case Management (ACM) Case Lifecycle Management (CLM) Situational Layer Cake (SLC) And it continues (AIC) … Phew – head hurt yet? It’s no wonder customers are…

Pega Can’t: Next generation BPM on Salesforce

Watch how you can leverage ManyWho & Salesforce to drive Dynamic Case Management and Business Process Management. It’s time to stop coding on Pega and start succeeding with ManyWho. Deliver workflow applications your users will love, at a fraction of the cost.

Announcing BPM for Salesforce!

Today ManyWho is announcing the full release of our Salesforce BPM product. We have been working tirelessly to deliver world-class BPM capabilities to Salesforce customers. Mobile Build mobile workflows, fully integrated inside or outside the Salesforce1 mobile app. Public, partner and employee facing workflow applications are all supported. And the best bit about mobile? Using…

Design like Apple

I think Apple has done a lot more for design in computing than people think. I know, that’s a crazy statement isn’t it? There’s an on-going fascination with their hardware design and obsessive attention to detail, but Apple has done more for the industry than design beautiful hardware and amazingly intuitive software. Apple has focused maniacally on the users. And that attention to detail has made a big impact on how they approach complexity.

Gartner: It’s time to pivot an industry

I recently went to the Gartner Business Process Management conference in Las Vegas to get the latest on the industry. As you can imagine, all of us geeks really “tore it up” in Vegas. There were conversations about “bi-modal IT” and “pace layers” abound. The parties were legendary. But seriously… I think the biggest take-away…

Best of breed computing

I spend a lot of time speaking with customers and one conversation that keeps coming up is this: Is it better to “cobble together” best of breed software vendors? OR Is it better to buy software from a single vendor? It’s a pretty interesting question and lately the answer isn’t necessarily obvious. However, I take…

Software is eating your business!

I spend a lot of time reading tech news, researching emergent architectures and generally geeking out. Marc Andreesson wrote a great blog post a few years ago that is only getting more and more relevant. Simple statement:
Software is eating the world

WordPress do it right for websites, but apps?

If you’ve ever created a website or simply managed one, you’ll very likely be familiar with WordPress. They’ve made creating websites simple enough that pretty much anyone can do it. But as we move into the next generation of the internet, what about apps? Websites are getting “old school” Increasingly your customers, partners and employees are…