Case Closed Podcast: Using ManyWho to Automate Contact Center Processes


Thanks you Case Closed Podcast for a great interview. Really enjoyed it Jeff Grosse and Cheryl Feldman!

Episode 003 gets at the heart of business processes; automation. Service processes need as much or more automation than any other part of the business so this time we talk about workflow that goes beyond the Workflow Rules, Visual Flow, Process Builder, Escalation Rules, Routing Rules, and Auto Response Rules you know of today in Service Cloud. We talk about ManyWho; a product that can go beyond all those tools you’ve used before and put them in a single interface and automate anything from finding your caller easier to collaborative web forms that not only allow collaboration with customers, but collaboration with other parts of your company using co-editing and co-browsing. It’s like Google Docs for Salesforce records. To learn more aboutManyWho, Jeff and Cheryl interviewSteve Wood, the CEO at ManyWho; a Salesforce Ventures backed company.

Listen to the interview here.

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