Overcome governor limits in your workflow apps

Those of you that are making the most of your Salesforce instance are likely to have tested the limits. These limits are put in place by Salesforce, who are trying to make sure that ‘fair is fair’ on the playing field.

What should you look for in your workflow tool? #5

Welcome to week five in the series of simple checklists to help you understand what you should be looking for when evaluating workflow tool vendors. This week we focus on where you might wish to publish your applications.

Design like Apple

I think Apple has done a lot more for design in computing than people think. I know, that’s a crazy statement isn’t it? There’s an on-going fascination with their hardware design and obsessive attention to detail, but Apple has done more for the industry than design beautiful hardware and amazingly intuitive software. Apple has focused maniacally on the users. And that attention to detail has made a big impact on how they approach complexity.