Introducing ManyWho

Build workflow apps for your business

Build workflow apps

Use our platform to build workflow apps for your business: mobile, web, portal, employee-facing.

Embed workflow into your existing systems

Embed workflow

Embed our platform into your existing applications to provide the customization and workflow capabilities your customers are screaming out for.

Need reasons to love ManyWho?

Drag and drop your business applications

Drag and drop your business applications.

Simply draw your business processes as flow diagrams and our platform magically turns them into fully functioning software applications. Even cooler, our platform makes sure they work across mobile, tablet and desktop.

Social + Workflow = Like

Social + Workflow = Like.

Successful businesses need great people and flexible processes. We combine the best of collaboration with the best of business workflow to power your applications.

Connected to your business data

Connected to your business data.

Our platform doesn’t introduce yet another data silo. Our platform works with your existing databases, social networks and content repositories to deliver a unified experience.

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