Introducing ManyWho

The only thing that’s certain is change. You need a platform that lets you build workflow applications easily. The ManyWho Application Development Low Code Platform allows you to deliver fast, without building a mountain of code.

Create engaging applications your users will love.

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Dell Boomi Acquires ManyWho

Automate your workflow

You can build workflow applications by drawing a flow diagram or coding against our APIs. Be a drag & drop rebel or a Jedi coder, our platform ensures your projects will be successful, whichever path you choose.

Give your team the tools to innovate rapidly at the pace of business change.

Simple approach – architectural genius

We get it. Building workflow applications is complicated these days with so many devices and operating systems. So stop worrying. Our platform delivers your applications to web, tablet, phone, watch and car – on and offline. That’s the power of our architecture.

Plays well with others

If you’re like most customers, you already have great applications to store your data and files, and to provide identity and enterprise social networking. Our platform works with your existing enterprise applications to bring new value to all of that data.

Your CIO will love you for it – which is always good.

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